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Light Therapies

Ultraviolet light can be used to treat certain skin rashes such as
psoriasis and eczema, vitiligo and some causes of itching. It is
thought that ultraviolet light works mostly because it
suppresses the immune system in the skin. Dermatologists
have isolated the most therapeutic, and least deleterious
portions of ultraviolet light. This is now referred to as
"Narrowband Ultraviolet B”.  

Our practice offers two methods of administering Narrowband
UVB light. One method is a Houva II® "light box," a booth, in
which the patient stands for a short, prescribed time of seconds
to several minutes. 

A more limited area can be treated with the Pharos (Excimer)

Each method allows for delivery of a carefully controlled,
calibrated and monitored dose of Narrowband UVB. These
modalities can be used together and with other topical or
systemic medications.
Houva II®
High output Phototherapy
(Excimer) Laser
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